Our Patchwork Nation

The United States isn’t just split up into conservative and liberal states– no, there are many different communities in each state. The book, Our Patchwork Nation categorizes the communities of the United States into twelve different types. The types include boom towns, immigration nations, metropolises and campuses, so you cannot just categorize each community or state into just a couple groups (conservative or liberal), because each community type has different ideas and therefore functions completely different. This book not only categorizes each county in the United States into one type, but also a second type in order to get a clearer understanding of each community. This book has lots of data and charts that illustrate the different communities of the United States and the official website can be found here.

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Verification Websites

There are many websites and sources that can help verify the truth in candidate’s statements. Websites such as factcheck will go through all of the major political statements from the presidential candidates and verify whether or not they are true. This can help citizens in the making of informed decisions about who they would like to represent them, and more importantly promote a more fair election in the United States.

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The Future of American Politics

In today’s politics, candidates spend more time “attacking” opponents than actually trying to educate the voters about what they would like to accomplish. Although I do believe in freedom of speech, I do not think that attack ads are helping either party. This time and money would be better spent supporting their cause and educating people about plans with their term in office. Attack ads are turning politics into a game among politicians and are causing more confusion for voters due to the spread of false information about candidates. How can a voter choose the candidate that would best represent them without first knowing what he truly believes and wants to do with his or her term in office? If political ads focused on what a candidate was trying to accomplish and his or her plans in office, then voters could make an honest decision based on their beliefs. Currently politicians spread “surface information” and prevent voters from knowing the goals of their party if the individual is elected, which is not only un-American but also unfair to voters and citizens of the United States.

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The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation or NCDD is a useful online resource for people to learn more about dialogue. The website acts as a worldwide gathering place for discussion and dialogue. Whether you are a teacher or student, the resource center is useful. The resource center has dialogue guides, videos, books and programs that could be integrated into a classroom discussion. Many of the resources are easy to use and understand and there is a beginners guide for those who are new to dialogue and discussion. Teachers might also find the book clubs useful for finding discussions and topics for the classroom. If you would like to join this community, the signup process is very easy and straightforward.


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